Abbie Kiefer

Recent work in print and online

"On Grey's Anatomy, a Woman Dies of Cancer," Bodega (forthcoming)

"Revitalization Project: Mercy Hospital Nurses' Dormitory," The Cortland Review (forthcoming)

"Revitalization Project: Levine's Clothing," One: Jacar Press (forthcoming)

"International Paper Makes an Announcement," Mud Season Review (forthcoming)

"Walking Maple Hill," Up the Staircase Quarterly (forthcoming)

"Good Night from the Nursing Home," The Knicknackery (forthcoming)

"Revitalization Project," The Sow's Ear Poetry Review (forthcoming)

"August," Booth

"Resolutions," Whale Road Review

"Getting Groceries" and "Revitalization Project: St. Mary's," december

"The Possibility of Loss," Naugatuck River Review

"Women's Work," Oyster River Pages

"Our Neighbors on February 7, with a High of 58°" and "Smoke Break," Sweet Tree Review

"Advice," The Penn Review

"Small Funerals," The Comstock Review